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Java in a Nutshell

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Java-Related HTML Tags

15.3 An Example HTML File

Example 15.1 shows an applet embedded in an HTML file. This file is a lightly edited version of one of the demos that ships with the JDK. Notice the use of the <PARAM> tags to supply arguments to the applet.

Example 15.1: Example HTML Page Containing an Applet

<TITLE>The Animator Applet (1.1) - example 1</TITLE>
<H1>The Animator Applet (1.1) - example 1</H1>
<APPLET CODE=Animator.class WIDTH=460 HEIGHT=160>
<PARAM NAME=imagesource VALUE="images/Beans">
<PARAM NAME=backgroundcolor VALUE="0xc0c0c0">
<PARAM NAME=endimage VALUE=10>
<PARAM NAME=soundsource VALUE="audio">
<PARAM NAME=soundtrack>
<PARAM NAME=sounds VALUE="|||||||||">
<PARAM NAME=pause VALUE=200>

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